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"One can fly a thousand miles without setting foot in an aeroplane"

I cannot remember when I became obsessed with aircraft, but I certainly grew up with it. And since we have started UVSAAF, the Air Force became more intruiging to me than anything else. It was never about fast jts bombing anything it can see, but the system, ranks,speciality aircraft, and of course, weapons. I have made some add-ons for MS FSX, and learned the basics of aerodynamics, performance, etc.

I think many young kid's dream is to be part of the Silver Falcon display team, the proud of the Air Force. To just WOW the crowds, being in the spotlight. Some grown-ups still daydream about it, right? Now here is a mini series you can sit back and enjoy, getting in the air while having a coffee break!

About the series

"They call it Langebaan Air Force Base. We call it the Falcon's Nest!"

Langebaan Air Force Base is the home for new pilots in the making, flying the Pilatus Astra PC7 Mk II. It is also the home of the Silver Falcons. The series is about a couple of student pilots, and their instructors, as well as the Silver Falcons display team.

The cast:

  • Claude Baker ( Student Pilot)
  • Stephen White (Student Pilot
  • Maj Billy Benade ( Instructor)
  • Capt Nikki West (Instructor)

(List not complete)

The Plot

Season 1

Episode 1

Langebaan AFB. a Tailscrape happened during a bad landing. Claude Baker feels responsible while the CO blame the instructor.

Release date: 08/04/2015


Episode 2